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Getting ready for that big trip? Or will you be constantly traveling in and
out of the country this year?

                     is a specialty insurer and leader in helping world travelers
gain access to quality healthcare services all around the globe. HTH
combines ongoing research, a contracted global community of
physicians and hospitals, advanced Internet applications, and wide
experience in international health insurance to ensure customers'
health, safety and peace of mind.


HTH Worldwide provides quality, affordable health insurance to
international students and scholars studying in the United States and
U.S. students studying abroad. HTH plans combine comprehensive
protection with access to healthcare services worldwide.

Our world is ripe for exploration and study, and today's younger
generation has the opportunity to experience it fully. Concern about
medical care should not cloud a young explorer's mind or trouble
parents' sleep. HTH Worldwide cuts the daunting task of finding
appropriate medical care to size by offering affordable health and
emergency evacuation insurance and interactive health and security
knowledge tools.

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